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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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"plainspoken is full of restraint. You can hear the raw edge of sleeper’s passion for his sounds and his subjects, in his singing and his playing, yet he holds it all back with steely discipline. There are no histrionics. There’s a sense of tired experience in the songs, of hard earned wisdom and insights dearly bought. The music conveys neither cynical disillusion nor despair, but there is a powerful streak of melancholy, and of realism. I am rarely engaged by a recording as deeply as I have been by this one, which displays the kind of mastery of its musical materials that can only be discerned in the lightness with which it is worn. Beautiful, moving, and richly layered with meanings, more of which are yielded up the more deeply you listen, this album is, nevertheless, plainspoken."

- Oliver Arditi, full review here http://oliverarditi.com/2011/10/13/olds-sleeper-plainspoken/

Thanks for tuning in. Olds.

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