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Saturday, December 18, 2010

ALBUM REVIEW....and news

Olds Sleeper's latest album "A Hollow Drum From A Hallowed Place" is getting very positive response...look for an upcoming review on NoDepression.com, and here is the most current take on the latest:

Gravel, grit, sweat and spit. Twang, mash, distortion and bash. Meet Olds Sleeper.

From the depths of Central Pennsylvania Olds Sleeper awakes and shovels are flying as this recording artist releases a third album in 2010. June by Olds Sleeper was released in June, 2010 and marked the fourth album in the Olds Sleeper catalog. The Gemini EP was released in June, 2010 as well as a free download digital album. The lead off track “Don’t Need Drugs” is classic Olds Sleeper wit, wisdom and plays like a twisted spiritual. Ironically, the song titled “June” appears on this EP and not on the album June. Are you mucking with us Olds Sleeper? Get the album at http://oldssleeper.bandcamp.com/album/gemini-ep

Now let us enter A Hollow Drum From A Hallowed Place. Fans of ABBA must grab their children and run to the hills as Olds Sleeper churns out one minimalist funky track after another. All the way from “A Hollow Drum” to “Fuzzpunk 71 Camaro” this album slams and slides along. Fans of Tom Waits (Blood and Money, Alice and so on) as well as White Stripes, William Melliot Whitmore and experimental Wilco will appreciate this albums soul. Get this album or listen to samples at http://oldssleeper.bandcamp.com/album/a-hollow-drum-from-a-hallowed-place."

also..people who purchase the new album will recieve a link to a limited free ep. stay tuned.
thanks for listening.