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Sunday, January 23, 2011

in the darkness of fall and winter

So-- I had a bunch of songs that I recorded around the house during the dark hours of fall and winter. I figured  I would just release them as a free album, and throw on a few old songs that were sitting around staring at me.

What came about was "In the Darkness of Fall and WInter"; many of the songs were recorded in different places in and outside of my house. Just one take. Me sitting with a guitar or banjo, and trying to capture the mood that I was feeling. Yep-- there are bad notes and mistakes, but I felt that the honesty of that moment was more important. Its the flaws that makes it human.

You can dowload it here:

if you like it, share it.  Stay tuned...upcoming radio interview...will keep you posted.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Upcoming show, Review and New ALbum....

Winter is always a tough time for me....too much darkness and being indoors creates an unsteady view of the world...luckily, some good things occur here and there to bring me back to productivity....

I am playing a show at York Emporium, the coolest bookstore I have ever been to and the site of last year's Cigar Box Festival, (future site of THIS years Cigar Box Fest in late August)

Its On Friday, February 4th at 7pm, and I will be playing some cigarbox guitar  as well as performing some songs acoustically on my banjo and D-28---I know its advertised as "LOUD HOT AND BLUE" but much of the evening will be pretty intimate---no PA system, so it will be very much like a living room concert. Cool Place, if you can make it...I would love to see ya. Bring some wine or beer or something in a bottle to keep ya warm.

James Carlson is a talented journalist from PA and he was kind enough to do a piece on yours truly...the feature is here:

My favorite line from the article is below....especially the word "messy".

"In many ways Olds Sleeper’s songs are exercises in genre defiance, as well as merging old-timey styles with modern styles, the organic and the mechanical, noise and clarity, messy compositions and well-structured compositions, the light and the dark, the human and the spiritual, waking hours and dream worlds, and so on."

Lastly, I have collection of songs Ive been recording around the house....thinking of releasing them as a very low key album of sorts..for free...February is gonna be the time. I will keep you posted. If youre here, thank you.