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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


On OCtober 23rd, I will be playing with Dave Lefever and Thomas Roue at the CHestnut Hill CAfe in Lancaster. In honor of the gathering, the three of us recorded a campfire session at my house under a full moon one early October Night. Amazing good times. This night is captured on FIELD RUST #1- its an all live, one take Song Circle. Its a free download, just click the link below.


In other news, I was asked to compose a few songs for a script "ELIJAH THE PROPHET"

"Elijah the Prophet is the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition’s 2010/11 winning screenplay that tells the comedic story of Elijah: the pious, chummy… and alcoholic prophet, whose yearly antics have graced Jewish households for ages. Unfortunately for the childlike servant of God, not everyone understands drunk driving is, for him, a divine right, and he soon ends up in trouble with the law."

IT was really fun to read a script and write songs inspired by the words. Its a killer, smart script and the people involved have been very cool to me. THere is a KICKSTARTER campaign to get the project rolling.
You can find it here:

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