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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

T-SHIRTS and new album, 2013. stay tuned.

I AM REALLY EXCITED TO announce the upcoming t-shirts that will be printed in 2013. I fell in love with this print by Viza Arlington, an artist out of Washington state. It spoke to me, so to speak. Viza is one of those talented people who just happen to be very cool. She is a fan of punk music, but actually was cool enough to listen to my music and give it chance.  She has given me permission to use her design in coordination with my music. THat makes me really happy...i need more of that in my life.

IN my mind, Her prints evoke mythological figures, archetypes, and dreams. Here are some more of her prints, all of which are for sale, and really reasonable. seriously.

Her art is for sale through her etsy page: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VIZArt?ref=seller_info

The original wolf print looks like this. Wolf Art Print Science Periodic Table Tungsten Wolfram
I bought it and it looks absolutely at home in my studio, where i howl.

Speaking of howling......The new album is entitled "before and after the here and now" and will be released in January 2013.  The cover photo is by Genevieve Patchell, who I will profile in future post.

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Friday, June 8, 2012


title song from the new album. www.oldssleeper.bandcamp.com video by Asher, age 11. thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


free or name your own price.

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looking for one sentence reviews...if you are interested...email me at oldssleeper@yahoo.com

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


words by shakespeare, photos and music by olds. thanks for
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Review of " New Years Poem"

I try not to let other people's opinion affect me too much, whether it be a positive or negative one. I think as an artist, its best to avoid reading about other's perceptions of your work, because it ultimately will affect your future efforts. But, when I read Oliver Arditi's review of my latest album, I was struck at how much he seemed to want to capture his precise thoughts and ideas about more than what I do, but about recording and art in general. In short, I felt validated, which isnt bad for someone who revels in self-doubt 364 days out of the year.  Here is an excerpt:

"I get the impression that Olds Sleeper’s kind of truth is the truth of experience; the physically apprehended truth of the body; the truth of sincerity, rather than the truth of argument. The truth of ramming a guitar’s signal through a cable so hard that it starts to bleed, rather than the truth of a ‘fidelity’ that denies the cable even exists; because it’s the ‘cable’, the mediating factors, that keep the lost and wounded characters in these songs in isolation from one another, even as it offers their only hope of connection, and the distortion we hear so liberally applied throughout New Year’s Poem is the ragged edge of their pain. I have rarely heard music that so economically and powerfully enacts a view of the world, and though it is a bleak one, it is not an unrealistic one, and it is not without its compensations. I’m raising a toast to the man who made these songs, although unlike one of his characters, I won’t be drinking it from shotgun shells."

I ve got to admit, it felt really good to read such a positive and expressive article written by a man who obviously took the time to listen to the album with a philosophical mind. He is a masterful writer, and IF you would like to read the entire article, you can find it HERE.

much thanks to everyone who has downloaded the album and taken the time to listen. It really helps me see the meaning in this compulsion I am pursuing.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The feedback concerning the new release "NEW YEARS POEM"
has been very positive. THE diversity of the fifty-five word reviews was very cool to see and the first "official" review of the album was published over at Saving Country Music, right here. Triggerman gave it "two guns up" .  I am working on getting the album out to other outlets for review. If youre a blogger or writer, its simple, go to www.oldssleeper.bandcamp.com, download it for FREE and then write words. Let me know when youre done.

Finally, I decided to make a video for the track "Born to Lose' off of the new album. Just me sitting in the basement, playing the song. Its below. I just wanted something to represent the physical reality of me playing, Just a guy, a guitar, and some groaning.

I hope 2012 is treating you well.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year.

Today is the official release date of New Years Poem, which can be downloaded for free at www.oldssleeper.bandcamp.com.

 There were a few folks who decided to try the FIFTY-FIVE WORD album review offer I posted on Facebook. Below are the responses:

"Danger everywhere. Roads and ruin.
Lost lovers across America.
Twilight comes.
You dance your truth.
 And here are the low sounds.
Blue. Night violet. Amber. Stone.
Blossoms of the working day, evening flower.
Take your radio heart and echo through the airwaves.
This is a poem for Olds Sleeper. Olds Sleeper is singing for you."
-Jack Crimmins

"Olds Sleeper keeps one foot balanced between Guided by Voices and Steve Earle while pounding out a booming bass march with the other. Fuzzed out melodic grit folk. Nineties flavored indie rock riffs mixed with classic singer songwriter appeal. New Year's Poem is a choice blend of songs and sounds, revealing stories and tasteful style."

-Brad Fielder

"As I click, click, click and lines appear in color. Lines and colors that become copper. Fourteen songs enter and settle in my bones. The electric beats, acoustic instruments in the red, vocals piercing my eardrums like box cutters. Though sometimes melodic, easy, peaceful. Words that are speaking to me. This is New Year's Poem."- Joker, of Joker Cigarbox Guitars

"The new recording is a continuation of a journey olds
has been taking us on for the past year and
a half. Each offering has been complete and stands on
it’s own. This one is more accoustic in nature- Maybe
even a little more personal. Bigsky flatland is one of
the greatest songs ever! Reccommended-"- Jim Mitchell, Cigar City Cigarbox Guitars

"--- I’m not a music critic. I just like good music. When describing Olds Sleeper, I’ve often said his music is best when the listener has a warm fire and a full bottle. With the latter in hand and 'New Year’s Poem' playing loudly, I’m happy to say that I will not be changing my description. ---"
-Tim Lybarger

" You are walking alone down a country road on a starless, foggy night. You stumble over a unicorn. He's holding a six pack, smoking a Marlboro, and humming a Tom Waits' tune. This is the kind of crazy-ass discovery you'll make when you listen to Olds Sleeper. Country roads aren't always what they seem..."- Liz Anglada

" Only 55, ol’ 55, Heinz 57, 33 1/3,
found, lost,
homespun, homegrown, hangnail,
born to choose,
tracks of depression and hope,
today will be yesterday-sometime,
slipin’ and slidin’ backwards groove,
where's my greasy sausage?,
life and music are good,
I would say more but I only got 55!
Need a beer and a smoke."
- ted (korruptus)

" A genuine and well crafted musical storybook of life, lust, and sorrow. Musically powerful and dynamic, from the raw explosive energy of "You Gonna Run" and "Delusional" to the soft melodic texture of "Tomorrow". New Year's Poem, a wonderful journey through the imagination and musical talents of its creator. A Must Hear!"

-Jeff Wesseling

" Olds Sleeper writes and sings in a style like no other. He plays a Magically Swampy Blues mix full of color and illustration that infuses the ears of the listener. His songs will take you places that are nostalgic and contemporary. His prose are visually captivating and reflective of Lifes adventure to soul searching music!"- Michael Ballerini

"This record is a medium for raw emotion expressing the hardships of love and working class angst with primal sounds and poetry. It will take you down, but on the way there and back you’ll feel the dust being blown out of your postmodern commercialized soul."- Dave Lefever

If youre feeling inspired to try a fifty word review, send it to me at oldssleeper@yahoo.com or via Facebook.
totally appreciated.
hope your year is awesome.