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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


(catching night before dawn,2008- cover detail)

IN JUNE of 2010, QUIET SONGS issued a double-release: OLDS SLEEPER "JUNE" and its companion EP, "GEMINI".


Both albums were recorded from fall of '09 to summer of 2010.
http://www.oldssleeper.bandcamp.com/ for download, name your price!!

    A Hollow drum from a Hallowed PLace -fall 2010
   http://www.oldssleeper.bandcamp.com/ name your price!


Lofi- and faded    March 2011


 ( the green album)       May 2011
     an ALL CIGARBOX guitar album


June 2011: http://www.oldssleeper.bandcamp.com/

Oct, 2011

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